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Sharing proven shortcuts to gain traction for your music at record speed,
while connecting you with the opportunities and creatives to make it happen, BSquaredMGMT  is the branding and  artist development leader who knows how to create consistent imagery and meaningful content to catapult your artistry.
As a signed recording artist, independent touring act and published songwriter, Birdee learned the industry from an artist's perspective.  Struggling between gigs, trying to promote her band while living on the road, she learned there's nothing more important to a musician than TIME and nothing more frustrating than waiting on your label or management to make a move.  
"TIME is the precious commodity that either makes or breaks a musician, and most industry executives (who don't live in a van on the road btw) forget the struggle is REAL.  You can't expect an artist to wait forever, while you're figuring out your plan...they'll die out there.  Momentum is now and momentum is magic. You must act quickly.  Your artist is depending on you."   

Business Partner, Music Publicist and Radio Promotion expert Tayor Neri is a powerful force at BSquaredMGMT and ready to take your career to the next level.  Plugged in to the current musical climate and fearless in her approach, Taylor's fresh, young and innovative process is cutting edge.  Her team is known for delivering results at college radio, mainstream radio and beyond.  Let our amazing professionals, booking experts, social media wizards and publicity professionals help you use your time wisely and silence the naysayers with action.  ACTION changes things.  We are big fans of confetti and victory dances.  Get out your party boots.





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