Born in Castle Bruce, Dominica, uprising artist Jordn knew from a young age that music was his calling, and he has involved himself in the industry in any way possible ever since.

Having music influences such as Drake, DMX, J.Cole, and 50 Cent inspired Jordn to take music seriously. "
”I loved coming up with lyrics and putting a song together. I just love the process.” Jordn allowed his past experiences to help push his dream forward and believe in himself no matter the circumstances. He continued on to say that, “Back home, this music thing is a dream--an unattainable dream--and I want to change that. I want people to know that nothing is out of reach as long as you have the drive for it. I want to be an example of that.”

Now in Los Angeles, realizing his dreams and gaining legions of fans, Jordn is unstoppable. New single Somethin is the anthem of our lives. We all just wanna be somethin’. Thanks Jordn.