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lyric michelle

Houston artist Lyric Michelle fuses southern charm, a touch of poetry and a blast of ferocious lyricism to deliver a sound that is uniquely her own.
Initially getting her start in poetry, in time it would be music that would steal her heart, as she smoothly transitioned from penning prose to spitting bars. For Lyric the transition was not only smooth, it was natural. Or as she describes it, “Hip Hop is poetry. Think of Eminem, Lupe, Lauryn. Real hip hop and poetry are different sides of the same coin.”

Lyric has quickly gained momentum, as well as a cult following of sorts, a woman on a mission. For Lyric it’s always been about her pen. Lyric's last full release MissDirection awarded her Lyricist of the year by The Houston Press and #1 Houston Album by The Houston Chronicle.

Set on sharing her truth while proving that when it comes to skill, women can go toe to toe with any of their male counterparts in the game. And indeed she can as she performs in front of crowds of tens of thousands at shows and festivals including Pop Montreal and repeated appearances as at SXSW and A3C .
Currently on tour, Lyric Michelle combines fierce ambition with a commitment to her craft. 

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