Mark And The Tiger


Mark And THe Tiger

Mark and the Tiger is the musical moniker of Pop Singer, Songwriter, and Lyricist, Mark Haberland. Through expansive melodies, infectious choruses, and playful refrains, Haberland routinely defies expectations with a cultivated sound that speaks to dreamers and doers alike.  

Though always a music enthusiast, it wasn’t until Mark made way to Los Angeles from Round Pond, ME, that he truly honed in on his presence as a musician. “Ironically, I never actually thought of making music my career until I moved out to LA. I came out here to be an actor, but quickly questioned if it was something I really wanted. I went to see Florence and the Machine play at the Hollywood bowl by myself in 2012. I watched her sing ‘Shake it Out’ while dancing barefoot across the stage. She was incredible! I vividly remember thinking to myself, ‘THAT is what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Mark and the Tiger’s debut single, “My Magic,” finds Mark’s ebullient, often soulful and lush voice in its purest form. Whether it be the powerful lyrics or elevating build that ropes in its listeners, “My Magic” is an anthemic testament to Mark’s spirit and authentic storytelling-focused songwriting style. With lyrics like “my magic looks like kindness, my magic looks like fingers interlaced,” Mark lets his intentions of unanimity and his hopes for a collective consciousness be known. On the single, Mark entrusts “I realized what I was writing was a spell to bring people together. It became my anthem to get people connecting with each other instead of being drawn into the violence and dramatics that has become so rampant in our society.”

“My Magic” was by produced by Michael Parnin in Pasadena’s own Blacksound Studio with the support of: Michael Farrell, Alain Whyte, Curt Schneider, Victor Indrizzo, Sharlotte Gibson, and Darci Monet.

With the highly anticipated release of Mark and The Tiger’s debut single, and a series of soon-to-be released singles, collaborations, and performances, follow Mark and the Tiger for updates on all upcoming involvements.