California Girl, Weirdeux has always been musically gifted. As a child, she was singing, performing, and playing guitar. Throughout the course of her young musical career, Weirdeux has captured the interest of power players in the industry with her witty, irreverent lyrics and a world maturity far beyond her years.  Her unique voice coupled with a badass attitude, individual style and musical delivery have made her a sought after one woman show from NYC to LA and beyond.  Having recently signed on with BSquaredMGMT, she is now setting out to re-create her enigmatic live show in the studio with producer Ricky Brewer as she begins work on her first album.  A Hollywood favorite and LA β€˜IT Girl, Weirdeux will throw you off guard with songs like Narcissist Lullaby and Your Bones Are Blue. Never at a loss for words, Weirdeux is the nonstop prolific writer with no shortage of stories to share with the world. Buckle up, 2019 is the year of the Weirdeux, and SHE is a STUNNER.